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Welcome Info!

Welcome to my first website vincecherico.com, it's been a long time coming!  This is mainly because I was determined to build and design my own website as I am accustomed to doing my own work, in my own way. Since I am a full time musician: performing, recording, touring and teaching in various situations, I had only occasional periods of time to work on this project. 

Over the past year and a half, it became laborious to keep on top of the learning curve in my attempts to grasp and master the processes of coding and editing with HTML and CSS.  But there is a lot of online info which helped me learn this language and finally pull it all together.  

I want to mention Sandvox the highly customizable website building program and Krypton Pro the Sandvox design that I chose for building this website.  While totally foreign to me at first, I eventually learned that they are very user friendly programs and offer great customer support as well.  What I learned to do in coding was redesign Krypton Pro and the Sandvox architecture from their original stock format, modifying it into my own design.  

The final piece of this coding puzzle was recently solved when I discovered Artistdata and their free, customizable "iFrame" tabular calendar for my events.  Here it is on my Dates page, displaying my current and past events. Artistdata can also export all events to FB, Twitter, etc. 

The benefit of building my own website will allow me to easily keep it updated moving forward, so while this is my first attempt, I will continue refining and expanding my website's design and content.  Please bookmark vincecherico.com and check back often to keep up with my current events!